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I started my career of image making in a 6'x'6 windowless basement studio as a painter.
My work as a director of photography is an extension of that start. 
When setting up a shot, I always ask myself: "is this a world that I would want to step into and experience?".
Collaboration with a director is my drug and a thematic approach is the instrument. 
The documentary has taught me so much about accident, the unexpected and the power of waiting and watching. 
A very good director told me once: "a movie screen is a white canvas on which you can put anything you want."  I believe that. 
The physical and mental rigors of filmmaking are probably the only thing I am qualified to do. 
My favorite tools are a light meter, compass, pencil and a moleskin. There is nothing like a well worn suitcase.
I live on a small off-grid farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  

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